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Spending time outdoors allows us to relax, recharge and disconnect from real life for a while. And although we love being immersed in nature, this doesn’t mean we can’t pamper ourselves while we’re in the great outdoors. These 8 luxury cabin features will create the perfect combination of being able to connect with nature while in a comfortable and luxurious space. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning on using your cabin as a backyard guest house or man/woman cave, then these features will help you create a lush environment tailored to your specific needs. 

No matter what you use it for, once your cabin building kit is assembled, it will become your home away from home.


Benefits of adding luxury features

The most obvious benefit of adding luxury features to your cabin is that you will enjoy a personalized space that comes with everything you need to feel right at home. However, another equally important benefit is that other people could start paying you to take a weekend retreat in your cabin or tiny home

A cabin with luxury features can be listed on AirBnB, therefore providing you with a passive income. 



luxury cabin windows

Beautifully designed windows will elevate the aesthetic of your entire cabin, making it feel more luxurious. Windows are the perfect way to add your own personal touch to your outdoor space. Summerwood’s selection of crafted windows includes: 

  • White vinyl
  • Black vinyl
  • Brown vinyl
  • Wood
  • Screens
  • Premium Marvin

Within each of these selections, you can choose from a multitude of window styles, including, arched, rectangular, square, french, sliding, and more. The more windows you add to your cabin, the more warm natural light will flow in, giving your cabin a cozier and more elegant feel. 



luxury features cabin lighting

Living in full luxury means having access to electricity. This includes installing ceiling lights and being able to plug in your electronic devices such as phones, laptops, lamps, coffee makers, microwaves, heating equipment, etc.

The inside of Summerwood’s cabins are left exposed to easily accommodate for wiring, so you can enhance your cabin experience by making it a little more plush.  



luxury features cabin plumbing

If you plan on using your cabin for days or weeks at a time, you will probably need access to running water. After all, it won’t be a very luxurious experience if you need to go to the bathroom outdoors. 

As long as you have a water source nearby, your cabin pipes can be run for sinks and taps. If you also wanted a shower and toilet, ensure that is coordinated with the concrete pad and installation of the cabin. 


Custom Porch 

luxury feature custom porch

A custom front porch offers you a comfortable seating area where you can relax with a friend, or just with a coffee and book and enjoy the outdoors. This luxury feature provides you with a cozy outdoor seating area so you can spend time outside, without getting your shoes dirty.


Extra Overhang

luxury feature porch

Overhang is essentially when the roof extends further than the outside wall – quite literally, hanging over the wall. A regular overhang is normally around 6 inches out from the wall. With Summerwood, the extra overhang is offered in increments of 6, so that would be +6 inches, +12 inches, + 18 inches, etc. 

This added feature can give you extra shade from the sun, as well as protection from the rain. Not to mention, it adds a cozier feel to your cabin. 



insulated cabin

If you are planning on using your cabin all year round, you might want to consider adding insulation. Summerwood’s enhanced siding packages offer a layer of sheathing and house wrap that provides a moisture barrier to your cabin that will protect it from water seeping through. It will also protect your structure from weather elements, allowing you to enjoy your cabin in all four seasons. 

Insulation can be added either at the time of purchase or after-the-fact if you decide to add it in later. The roof and walls are made in a way that you can easily add the insulation on your own if you choose to do so. 


Interior Siding and Framing 

interior siding

When you upgrade the interior siding of the cabin you can create a warmer rustic feel. Summerwood’s cedar siding or framing interior upgrades can be added to the ceiling or walls of your cabin, providing a cozier and more elegant atmosphere. 

Summerwood’s collection of cabins can be fully customized, so you can fully realize your vision. 

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