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Warranties should always be taken into consideration when you’re in the process of purchasing a shed. If the seller doesn’t offer any warranties on the structure, or they offer a very limited warranty package, this might be a sign that the shed you are about to purchase is not one of good quality. If the seller can’t guarantee the product with a solid warranty, this could mean they know their materials have a high probability of degrading or damaging over a short period of time. So always make sure to ask the seller about any warranty options that either come with the shed or that can be purchased at an additional price and review the terms carefully. 

Ensure that you compare warranty options from different retailers. Normally, the garden shed package with a stronger warranty option will have the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Basically, if the seller trusts their products enough to put a warranty on it, then you can feel safe trusting the product as well. 


What is a Warranty

A warranty is a written guarantee that the retailer or manufacturer provides, promising that they will fix certain damages to a product within a specified period of time. This could mean fixing the original product, replacing a certain part of the product, or this could mean giving the buyer a completely new product. 

Each warranty will come with its own conditions, so it’s important to read the entire agreement before signing and purchasing. Conditions to look out for include: 

  • Length of time the warranty will be valid for.
  • What kind of damages the warranty will cover. 
  • Any evidence the buyer is required to provide.
  • Any type of damage that the warranty will not cover.
  • Any actions the buyer is required to take. 


Types of Coverage 

All Summerwood structures come with a 2 year warranty that covers materials and craftsmanship.  Other extended warranties include: 

When you purchase a shed or outdoor structure, you are trusting that the builder is choosing high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. You are also trusting that they are taking the time to carefully build your shed, and aren’t cutting corners to get the shed built as quickly as possible. This means that any poorly chosen materials and bad workmanship should always be compensated for in the garden shed package. 

Your shed warranty should cover any damages in the materials that are not related to regular wear and tear. Defects and damages can include buckling, cracking, peeling, separating, and chipping. Additionally, if any damages occur due to poor workmanship, this should also be covered in the warranty. 

Generally, most warranties will cover the full cost of damages up to a certain period of time. For example, if damages occur within the first 2 years from the date of purchase than the seller will cover the full cost of damages. And if any further defects appear after that 2-year period, then the seller will only cover half the cost for the repairs. 

There are also lifetime shed warranty packages, where the full cost of damages and repairs will be covered for an extended period of time. Of course, terms and conditions will vary depending on who the seller is, but these are just general examples. 

There could also be certain actions that need to be taken by the buyer to ensure the terms of the warranty are kept up with. For example, you may be required to assemble your product within a certain time frame to avoid the materials sitting around for too long. You could also be required to stain certain parts of the product to ensure maxim protection. 


Protect your Investment 

When your home becomes cluttered with home improvement supplies, holiday decorations gardening tools, and just about anything else, it’s probably time to get a shed. Although they make great storage units, a backyard shed can also be the perfect workshop, home gym, art studio, yoga studio, home office, etc – the possibilities are truly endless. 

Your shed is more than just a storage unit in your backyard, it’s an investment you make into your home. A beautifully made shed will not only increase your property value, but they are an extension of your home – allowing you to get the most out of your property. 

This is why a warranty is so important. Imagine being excited about finally using your new shed, only to find that a few months later your seeing buckling and cracks. Or what if your using your shed as a home office, and your documents start getting wet because of a leak in your roof – you will probably wish you got that warranty. 

Whether you get a regular or lifetime shed warranty, you will be ensuring that you get the most use out shed throughout the years. 

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