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Our hobbies and crafts can take up a lot of time, so it’s important we spend this time in a space that encourages creativity and productivity. When you enjoy the environment you’re  in, you are more drawn towards your hobbies and more motivated to complete projects. 

Whether you make art, work on vehicles or have a passion for woodworking and more, an outdoor workshop shed will encourage you to advance in your craft. Read on for the benefits of using a shed as a workshop space below.

What is a prefab shed?

A prefab shed is a type of shed that was pre-built in a shop off the main property location and gets delivered intact to its final destination. Generally, prefab sheds can be cheaper than the ones built on your property. 

Are prefab sheds good quality?

Prefab sheds can be very high-quality. However, it’s important to note that not all prefab sheds are built equally. At Summerwood, we prioritize using high-quality materials and ensure you’re happy with the shed customizations. We have tons of options for you to pick from and will be there every step of the way.

The benefits of using a shed as a workshop

outdoor workshop

Extra storage

Depending on your hobbies and extracurriculars, some can clutter up your homes. When your homes start to feel messy and disorganized, it can leave you feeling restricted and out of control. Thankfully, having your own workshop shed offers you extra space and storage for your hobby supplies. Whether getting creative means buying more tools and materials, or producing more projects, a shed will provide you with the extra space you are looking for.  

Keep Everything Organized 

Having a workshop shed gives you the ability to organize your materials and supplies for your hobbies and activities. You can have built-in shelves and organizational units inside your workshop shed to keep your tools and supplies in their place. This ensures you won’t have a cluttered space when you work in your shed – and more motivation to practice your hobbies. An organized area will encourage you to progress in your craft even further.


With the help of Summerwood, you can choose from a wide selection of sheds. We offer a variety of sizes, floor plans, materials, styles and so much more. You can also have the option to fully customize your shed if you have a specific image in mind. 

The benefits of having a customized space over using your main space is you get to design your environment to suit your needs. You won’t have to worry about compromising your space or getting in anyone’s way – whether it be your roommates or family. All your materials will be organized exactly how you like and you won’t have to think about anyone else’s organizational preferences. 

Having a Workshop Close to Home 

Why not have the best of both worlds – have your own private workshop right at home, without the hassle of commuting. With your own workshop shed on your property, you can enjoy the convenience of having everything you need in your own backyard. Because the location of your shed is close by, you can even sneak an hour or two of work during your work day – no planning ahead necessary. 

You can easily transform our prefab workshops into an extension of your home.This means you don’t need to plan ahead for a long commute – effortlessly wake up, have a morning coffee, and get started on your project.  

Increase Property Value

Building a workshop shed on your property will help increase your property should you decide to rent or sell in the future. It’s considered an additional asset, especially when it’s been designed thoroughly and beautifully. Now that more people are working from home and looking to find ways of integrating their workstations, it’s a great opportunity for home buyers. 

Privacy and Fewer Distractions 

With the help of a shed, you get constant privacy and few distractions. Depending on your hobbies, sometimes you need additional peace and quiet to get in the zone. Alternatively, if you’re working with loud equipment, you can be as loud as you need without disturbing others in your main residence.


An outdoor workshop will provide you with a private space with no distractions, so you can complete your projects in peace – no one distracts you and you don’t distract others. 

Summerwood’s collection of prefab workshops are made to suit almost any at-home hobby you can think of. Get started on your new DIY project today.

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