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The great thing about home studios is their versatility, and how easily they become multifunctional spaces. From home offices and play areas to storage units and gyms, there really is no limit to what you can do with a shed.  

If creating a space for yoga is a part of your backyard studio plans, then keep reading this article for some essential pieces that will transform your shed into an oasis for relaxation. 


1. Mirrors 


When practicing yoga, it’s important that your body is performing movements in the right form, especially when you are learning a new move for the first time. If you can’t see what you’re doing, your form could suffer and you can end up hurting yourself.  

For this reason, it’s important to hang a full-length mirror where you can see your entire body. This will help ensure that you remain in the proper position when performing any movement. It will also help you progress faster because you can begin to learn from your mistakes more quickly. Whereas if you didn’t have a mirror, you wouldn’t know that you are making mistakes in the first place. 


2. Sticky Yoga mat 

yoga mat

Another essential item for your studio shed is a sticky yoga mat. Practicing yoga requires you to get into all kinds of floor positions, but sitting on the hard floor for extended periods of time can become uncomfortable, therefore making it more challenging to complete various movements. A sticky yoga mat will make it easier for you to stay in the proper position and stop you from slipping around. 

An important note to remember is to keep your mat out of direct sunlight while you’re not using it, as this will help your mat last longer. 


3. Yoga brick

yoga studio brick

A yoga brick will make it easier to reach the floor while maintaining the correct alignment in certain positions. These bricks are great for beginners, for people who want to learn new movements, or for people coming back to yoga after injury. 

Some experts recommend getting 2 bricks depending on your degree of flexibility.   


4. Yoga strap 

A yoga strap is a thick strip of soft cotton. They help with increasing your range of motion and flexibility, as well as strengthening your muscles. Basically, when you feel tight or like you’re having trouble reaching a certain pose, it’s time to pull out your strap.  Yoga straps are also highly adaptable, so you can use them in a wide variety of poses. 


5. Yoga bolsters

yoga bolster

A yoga bolster is a big firm pillow that can be used vertically or horizontally underneath the body to help a person remain in a relaxed position and open up their body. Yoga bolsters will support you in a variety of yoga poses and increase your ability to stretch during restorative postures and deep breathing exercises.  

There are many different types of yoga bolsters and ways to use them.


6. Yoga wheel

A yoga wheel is hollow and circular in shape. It’s used for releasing tension in difficult-to-reach places, stretching, and improving overall flexibility. 

By helping you balance and stay upright, you gain the support and confidence to stretch further into positions; therefore benefiting your posture inside and outside the yoga studio. 


7. Blankets 

yoga studio blanket

Here you can use specific yoga blankets or regular throw blankets or bed blankets.  Besides making your studio shed cozier, blankets will help get you comfortable and warm in seated restorative positions. 


8. Meditation seats and cushions

meditation cushion

Meditation seats have come with lower back support while cushions don’t – which one you choose is up to you. Both meditation seats and cushions are made for seated mediating positions. They work to support your pelvis while sitting on the floor so you can sit upright and get comfortable for meditation practices. 


9. Speaker 

Playing relaxing music or nature sounds will help create a soothing and peaceful experience while you practice yoga or meditation. Your phone speaker might not deliver a sound quality that allows you to fully engage in your practices. So try getting even a simple Bluetooth speaker to ensure a seamless audio experience. 


10. Statues and other inspiring pieces


Your studio shed is your own personal space. So dress it up in a way that makes you feel calm and serene. Statues of Krishna, Buddha, Hindu or Ganesha can work as inspirational reminders of what you are striving to achieve with your practices. 

Add pieces that remind you to focus on your breath, open your heart, stay present and connect with your own energy. 

This can either be the statues mentioned above, or other pieces of artwork that allow you to reflect on aspects of your life that you want to focus on. 


11. Lighting 


The particular lighting in a room can really set the tone of your experience. Try avoiding any harsh or overly bright lighting. Instead, incorporate soft yellow lighting to add warmth to your space. 

You can also include lamps with dimmers to adjust how light or dark the room gets. 


12. Open the windows

open window yoga studio

One of the benefits of turning your shed into a yoga studio is that you are basically sitting outside. If it’s a nice day, why not open the windows and doors to breathe in the fresh air and help yourself connect with nature. 


13. Crystals 


Besides being a beautiful addition to your space, gemstones, and crystals are used to enhance your focus, mood, and energy. You can place them on top of your mat while practicing, on your body for healing purposes, or anywhere else around the room. There are a variety of different crystals to choose from, all containing their own unique properties. 

Summerwood’s collection of prefabricated sheds come in an array of styles so you can select the one that best suits your needs. 

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