Designing your own eco-friendly prefab house is no small project. However, getting to choose all the details and features can be a fun way to customize your home. In this quick guide, we discuss some key eco-friendly considerations to keep in mind when designing your modular home.

Why should you build an eco-friendly prefab home?

In recent years, there’s been a growing awareness to decrease our carbon footprint. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do on a personal level that can have an impact – starting with your home. If you own property or you’re building a prefabricated home, you can start by making small changes right off the bat. 

Modular homes are a great alternative if you want to go green. In general, they require less physical space and energy – saving you both time and money.

Prefab guest house

Reduced construction waste

In Ontario alone, the construction industry creates approximately 14.2 million tonnes of waste. Not only does this generate land pollution in landfills, but adds to global warming and greenhouse gasses. When you choose to build a prefab kit, you drastically reduce your waste. Factory-made, prefab homes have exact and custom measurements and components. This means they produce less wasted materials and most spare parts are reused or recycled for future use.

Shorter building and construction time

Because there are many moving parts to building a home, the amount of time it takes for a build varies. However, on average it takes roughly 10-16 months, excluding clearing and treating the land or property beforehand and assuming everything goes as planned. 

Prefab builds are faster, more efficient and better for the environment. Since most of the construction occurs in a factory. This means there are less delays due to weather and less overall waste. With prefab builds, there are less trucks and machinery moving to and from site – which make both your neighbours and Mother Nature that much happier.

Energy efficient

In many cases, heating and cooling can make up to half of the average family’s energy costs per household. Most people aren’t thinking about their air ducts in their home. However, their correct placement and size makes all the difference for your home’s efficiency. 

Due to the manufacturing process, prefab homes are usually very consistent in the way that they are built. They are generally sealed tighter than the average house which means proper ventilation in the summer and winter. On top of ventilation, modular homes also have tighter windows and doors. This means the air in your home isn’t seeping through the cracks – which keeps your bills low and your family comfortable, no matter the season. 

Another added bonus of prefabricated homes is the availability of Smart technology. Smart home technology – another term for automation – allows you to control different household systems including heat, cooling, lights (and more) on a set schedule. This lets you maximize comfort and eliminate energy waste.

pre fab garden shed

Improved house design

When it comes to having an eco-friendly prefab house, the first step is creating a streamlined design. When considering your house design, it’s important to think about drainage, sun exposure, wind direction, the slope of your property and potential opportunities for solar energy. If you’re not sure where to start, you can consult a contractor and do a site assessment. From there, you can get advice on how to make the most of your location and available space.  

A lot of traditional houses require tons of space – which requires more resources and time. If you opt for a prefab home, in general, you’ll need lighting, heat and cooling. Insulation is another area where prefab homes excel. Upgrading your insulation reduces your energy costs in the long run and keeps you warmer during the cold months. 

If you have your own eco-friendly design ideas for your prefab home, we’re here to make them happen at Summerwood. Get in contact with us and work with our team today.

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