the cost of building a shed

Wooden shed kits are a rewarding project to take on, especially once you see how much versatility your new shed will add to your outdoor space. However, like any good project, this will take a few preliminary steps and careful planning. There are multiple things to consider when making your prefab shed plans, for example, depending on the size and location of your shed, you might need a special building permit before you begin your project. 


Before you start your project you’ll want to know what 8 essential tools to include in your shed building kits. It’s important to note that each shed is different and could require different tools. Here are just some of the basics.    


1. Ladder or Step Ladder


You will need a ladder or step ladder to reach higher points when assembling your shed. For example when installing and securing your roof. 


2. Cordless Power Drill

cordless drill

A cordless power drill is an electric drill that uses rechargeable batteries. These drills can offer as much power as other drills that need to be plugged into a power source. They are also much more convenient since you won’t need to worry about a cable dangling around.


The drill’s head has a keyless chuck that is meant to hold bits in place. Hex bits and standard bits are available if you need more versatility.   


Your cordless power drill will be used for inserting screws and other threaded fasteners into your wood (and other materials), and for drilling holes. 


3. Impact Driver

impact driver

The impact driver is lighter and more compact than the power drill, so it will be easier to reach smaller areas and will be more comfortable to use over longer periods of time. It also has more torque than a power drill. 


The driver does not have a chuck, instead it has a quick-change clamp that holds drill bits and driver bits with a hexagonal shank. The hexagonal shank is used to accommodate for the extra power. 


4. Safety Goggles 

goggles for prefab shed

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get dust and dirt caught in your eyes while working on your prefab shed. The good news is that eye injury is quite easily avoidable with proper safety goggles. Always rather be safe than sorry. 


5. Level 


Your level will be used to make sure your surfaces are precisely vertical or horizontal – preventing any crooked surfaces. 


6. Utility Knife 

utility knife

A utility knife is a staple tool used in construction because of its ease of use, compact size, and sharp blade. It will be used to trim and cut a number of different materials such as plastic sheet material, insulation, drywall, felt paper, wallpaper, etc. The type of material you receive will depend on your package. 


7. Square 

square for prefab shed

A square is a measuring device. It has two straight edges set at 90 degrees from each other. It is used to check if your right angles are correct, and as a guide for making lines on materials before making any permanent decisions. 


8. Caulk Gun


Caulk is a material used to seal and adhere seams or joints to prevent leakage of air, water, or other elements. A caulk gun is a device that dispenses the caulk so it goes onto your structure neatly and accurately. 


Summerwood has a variety of premium prefabricated sheds that can come customized to suit your skill level and styling needs. 

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