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It’s starting to warm up and it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming Spring and Summer activities. And parents know best that kids need an outlet and also a reason to get outside. With 43% of adults believing kids are not ready to play outside without supervision until age 14, the pressure to oversee your children’s every activity has escalated to new heights over the last decade. Letting kids venture out on their own once in awhile, however, is crucial to their development. Organizing a backyard sleepover is a great way to give children a sense of freedom and independence without staying up all night worrying. The way you organize a sleepover and the arrangement you setup can directly support your readiness to allow your kids the freedom they crave while also giving you peace of mind. Here are four awesome sleeping arrangement options for backyard sleepovers:

Sleeping under the stars

There is nothing like rolling out a sleeping bag and hopping in to sleep directly under the stars. Your kids will love watching for shooting stars and following the lightning bug trails as they dart across the dark sky. Since you will need to turn off all exterior lights for the best view of the night sky, make sure to give your kids their own flashlights to use as needed. In case of light rain, let your kids know they are free to retreat under the garden trellis to stay dry or simply come back inside the house and try the sleepover another night. As you develop trust in your child’s ability to make safe, smart decisions, do not feel bad about peeking out the window occasionally to verify their safety.

Bunkie Playhouseglen-echo-custom-backyard-studio-summerwood (1)

A Bunkie playhouse gives kids a chance to foster their independence in style. The Bunkie structure mimics the appearance and atmosphere of a home while remaining distinctly separate from the household. If you are not quite ready to let go of the reins, you can rest assured knowing the Bunkie doors and windows feature secure locks. The single room structure has enough room for board games, truth or dare, snack sessions and sleeping bags for everyone in attendance. Have your kids lend a hand in finding and hanging decorative elements to make the space feel like their very own.

Trampoline Tent

You can transform your kids’ trampoline into a raised tent with a purpose built cover. Look for tent covers that feature plastic skylight inserts in the ceiling for a clear view of the stars. The zip door can remain open until all of the kids are ready to cease playing in the yard and pile into the tent to rest. The trampoline keeps kids comfortable without additional padding, while the enclosure keeps everyone feeling safe and secure. Before you leave them to their own devices, remind kids to be mindful of the springs and refrain from jumping inside the tent.


Secure GazeboEnclosed Gazebo

If you prefer a multi-purpose structure over a dedicated sleepover Bunkie, choose an enclosed gazebo instead. Custom gazebos dramatically dress up your property’s appearance and provide a place for everyone to spend time together. The gazebo offers the same promise of comfort and safety for your kids and their friends sleeping overnight in the backyard. When not in use, you can invite your own friends and family over to play cards or enjoy a meal underneath the protective, gorgeous gazebo structure.

Setting Up Your Home For Backyard Sleepovers

Take your children’s backyard sleepovers to new heights with Summerwood’s high quality pre-fab outdoor designs. A garden trellis, gazebo or playhouse bunk will not only provide kids with a safe place to sleep, they will also accentuate the look and feel of your property. You may end up adoring your structures so much that you search for a reason to enjoy your own backyard activities, such as garden parties and friendly cookouts.

Contact Summerwood today to select and order the structures you want for your property. The team will assist you in designing the perfect pre-fabricated kit for the solution of your choice. You can either construct the structure yourself using the supplied directions or receive help finding a qualified contractor to handle the task—and we’ll help you all along the way.

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