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The most important factor in deciding when you should buy a shed is what your intended use for it is. Technically, a shed can be installed at any time of the year (with the exception of extreme weather conditions), so if you have a pressing matter where you require the use of a shed, then that should be your top priority. 

For example, it’s the middle of winter and you want to store your car in the garage, but your garage is cluttered with tools, therefore making it impossible for your car to fit. You are tempted to buy a shed to store those tools in, so you can finally de-clutter your garage. However, you may be second-guessing yourself by thinking that buying a shed in the winter is not a good idea. In this situation, it’s not necessary to wait till spring or summer to buy a shed. If your priority is storing your car in the garage to protect it from the cold weather, and having a shed is the best way to help, then you can certainly buy and build a shed in the winter.

For your convenience, Summerwood would be happy to install your shed in any season

All that being said, if you do not have a pressing matter to consider, and would prefer to wait for the perfect season to buy a shed, then keep reading this article to find out more. 



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If your waiting for the perfect time to buy and build a shed, then spring will be your best option. Adding a shed to your backyard before the summer starts will ensure that you get to enjoy your shed for the entire summer season. 

We get the most use out of backyards in the summer, whether that be for gardening, a backyard spa, a home studio or just about anything else. So if you purchase your shed in the spring, you can make sure it is prepared with everything you need to make the most of all your summer plans. 

Additionally, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys doing a lot of summer activities such as kayaking, biking etc, than you will want to have your shed ready with all your equipment organized before the peak season begins. 

Another bonus of building your shed in spring is the neutral weather conditions – as spring is neither too hot nor too cold. It provides the perfect condition to work outdoors comfortably (as long as you don’t choose to build your shed on a rainy day). 

Since stores know that summer is peak shed season, you will start noticing discount offers in the spring to help kick-off the season and get people excited. 

Lastly, if you buy your shed early enough in the spring, you have a better chance at skipping the summer rush. A majority of shoppers only think of buying a shed in the summer months when they realise they don’t have enough space and suddenly want to organize all their equipment. When most shoppers purchase their sheds’ in the summer, this has an effect on how long people have to wait to receive their product – usually increasing the wait times quite significantly. So by ordering in advance, you can get your shed installed quicker and skip the long wait times. 



Buying a shed in the fall certainly has its perks, the main one being all the discounts! Shed manufacturers, home improvement stores, and shed retailers come to the end of their peak season once the colder weather starts coming in. This means they will start offering clearance prices and higher discounts on their products. By doing this, they are able to make as many sales a possible before the season starts to really slow down for the winter. This will also help them clear inventory and make room for newer models. 

A downside to purchasing a shed in the fall is that you have to wait a year before taking full advantage of your backyard in the summer months. However, you can at least begin preparing for colder weather. With winter coming you will want a dry place to store any tools that could get damaged in cold or snow. So by purchasing and preparing your shed in the fall, you can ensure any sensitive tools stay protected. 

Not to mention, you will have your shed built and ready to decorate for Christmas season! 


Avoid harsh weather conditions

Summer and winter have the most unpredictable weather patterns, so if you purchase a shed during these seasons, it could be hard to plan around what days you will get to build on. For example, you bought your shed in the winter, and were planning on building it as soon as it arrived. However, upon the day of arrival, there was a big snow storm, which will get in the way of your building plans. Thats not to say you can’t build in the winter or summer, its just that the harsher weather conditions makes it a little bit more challenging to plan around.    

Another downfall to choosing the build in the summer or winter is that you feel rushed to get everything done. You may feel uncomfortable being exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures for too long and will want to get your project done as soon as possible. Whereas if you are building in comfortable conditions, you will be more likely to take your time and ensure that everything is done the way you envisioned it. 

Purchasing and building your shed in the fall and spring will help you avoid in any harsh weather conditions such a snow storm, heavy rain or extreme heat. 

In conclusion, spring is the best season to buy a shed because it provides the the ideal tempretarues for outdoor work, and you will have your shed built and ready to use for the summer, fall and winter. 

Summerwood’s collection of garden sheds will be a beautiful addition to your backyard space. 

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