As you gaze upon the beauty of your outdoor storage unit, you might shudder at the thought of weathering damage impacting its gorgeous finish. Even storage units made from the finest quality, whether it be with premium grade western red cedar or constructed using non-corrosive hardware, rain and sunshine can still wreak havoc on the structure and finish over time. You can avoid undue distress by preparing yourself for this situation ahead of time by learning what to expect as your building materials weather. Furthermore, you may be happy to learn that you can actually rectify the effects of weathering on your outdoor storage unit with a few simple repairs.

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Color Changes

Outdoor storage units made with plain western red cedar materials will naturally develop a rich patina over the years. The patina turns the wood from its rich red hue to a beautiful light silvery gray color. Since the patina develops as the wood stain wears off due to weathering, you can actually halt this process by reapplying stain on a routine basis. In addition, once the patina develops, you can sand and stain the wood anytime you wish to instantly renew its former red cedar luster. The stain color you apply will affect the finish hue of the wood, so choose your product wisely. If you need assistance, you can always speak to your Summerwood expert for help.

Sealant Deterioration

The caulk and sealant products placed around the windows and doors will eventually wear away from the constant barrage of sunlight and rain showers. Without the sealant, your storage unit will develop a draft and insects could work their way inside the structure. You can replace the sealant by obtaining a caulk gun and tube of caulk. Make sure to remove the old sealant before attempting to fill the cracks with the new material. To apply the sealant, simply swipe the line of caulk into the crevice between the window or door frame and the siding. Use your finger to smooth out the line of caulk and push it deeper into the gap to create a lasting seal.

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Roofing Material Wear

The shingles you place on your roof may start to wear down and develop visible damage after years in the hot sun and heavy rains. Darkly pigmented roofing materials are particularly susceptible to damage from constant sunlight due to their high heat absorption rates. Your black, brown or dark gray shingles could reach a stunning 190 degrees Fahrenheit on hot summer days, which causes the material to become brittle over time. You can easily repair this issue, however, by removing your old roofing materials and replacing them with new ones. As you make these repairs, do not forget to replace the flashing to keep your roof from developing a leak during the next rain shower.

Foundation Degradation

If your outdoor storage unit has a solid concrete foundation, you may need to have cracks in that material repaired from time to time. The structure of concrete materials degrades in response to freeze-thaw cycles, excessive moisture and shifts in the subgrade. You should visually inspect the concrete to locate cracks before they worsen to minimize the number of repairs you will have to perform. If the cracks severely widen or extend all of the way through the concrete material, you may need to have the foundation removed and replaced to fully rectify the problem.

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Rectifying Weathering Damage

You can actively protect your outdoor storage unit from weathering effects by performing timely maintenance on the exterior sections of the structure. You may need to replace worn or damaged shingles, re-apply stain to the siding and renew the caulk around the windows to rectify damage caused by weathering. Your professionals at Summerwood can help you understand the right type and amount of materials to buy to repair your outdoor storage structure.

Feel free to contact the team anytime with your questions and concerns. Visit the website to browse through the available storage structures and use the custom design center to dream up new outbuilding configurations for your property.


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