Finding locally sourced wood for your shed is the easiest way to give back to the community. By purchasing locally you put money back into the local economy and contribute towards local forest sustainability. Moreover, when sourced from the right place, you can get some high-quality siding wood for your shed or bunkies. 

Sourcing the wood yourself gives you the freedom to choose exactly what type of siding and finish you want for your shed. However, if you don’t put in the research before the purchase, you could end up with wood that has no protection from natural elements such as the weather and bug infestation. For example, cabin kits in Alberta, such as Canmore cabins may need a different siding wood than bunkies in Ontario, due to the different weather conditions.


Where to Look For Locally Sourced Wood?

To help you source wood from the right place, we’ve curated this list of places you can source wood from locally. Some of these suggestions are intended to be out of the box and will help you to either save money or prevent wastage. 


Quick trivia: Lumber vs Timber

In North America, lumber refers to wood products that have come from the mill. Timber, on the other hand, can refer to milled wood, unprocessed logs, or even standing trees prior to harvesting.


1. Wood Waste at the Local Dump

Using recycled wood is definitely the most environmentally friendly way to find locally sourced wood for your shed. Every day, tons of lumber is dumped at the local waste facilities. Some of this is basically extra lumber from home or industrial projects. 

Local waste facilities do a great job in segregating construction-grade wood from old lumber which is used for biomass energy. If lucky, you may find some high-quality construction-grade wood for a really reasonable price. To find what you’re looking for you can make a list of local waste treatment facilities and call them to inquire about their availability. It is highly advised to survey the wood and check for deformities before purchasing.


2. Construction Areas

Construction companies usually end up with a surplus of wood. This wood goes into waste if not required for construction. Finding a construction company and inquiring about their waste management could get you set up with some high-quality construction-grade lumber. Woodworking Ontario school programs and other provincial programs also have smaller construction sites that typically have a surplus of wood.

man in construction area

This is definitely an out-of-the-box idea and may require you to negotiate and break a deal with the construction company. If possible, the construction company could also cut the wood according to your specifications.


3. Finding Logging Companies

A logging company is a business that fells trees and sells timber. It is relatively trickier to find logging companies since they don’t advertise. However, it is worth the effort, since these companies usually have a wide range of options. 


In order to get in contact with logging companies, you may have to reach out to people who work with lodging companies, such as:


  • Country Farm Agencies

Getting in touch with the farms that harvest the specific timber you’re looking for may Fastrack your efforts towards getting the right product. Farm agencies usually are in contact with logging companies that will harvest the trees for you. 


  • Timber Buyers 

Timber buyers advertise and are always in contact with logging companies,  they normally advertise in newspapers.


  • Trade Associations

Contacting trade associations, such as BC Wood, that support local businesses that manufacture wood products is another way to get in contact with logging companies. 


  • State Agencies 

State agencies like the Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Game Department, or Parks Services are always selling standing timber. The state owns major portions of the forest areas and many have guides on how to procure resources from the forest. They also keep a long list of logging companies that you could get in touch with.


4. Tree Services

Getting in touch with tree services is the next best option to find timber landowners who are looking to harvest their trees. The tree service companies will be very knowledgeable about the trees and will help you find the best wood for your cabin kits in Canada. They will also know a lot about any deformities with the wood, so you can rest assured to get high-quality lumber.


5. Sawmill Companies

Sawmills are where logs or wood are cut into lumber. Reaching out to these companies is a great way to acquire high-quality wood for your project. Since the wood is cut at these facilities you can also have the wood cut to your preference. Make sure you bring it up with the associate from the sawmill company. This will help you immensely with your project.

people working at a saw mill

6. Reclamation and Architectural Salvage Companies

Architectural salvage companies are warehouses that buy and sell building parts salvaged from demolished or remodeled structures. While it may be rare to find exactly what you’re looking for using this method, it is worth giving it a shot since you may end up finding some high-quality wood for a relatively cheaper price. Moreover, you could also bargain to get a good deal. 

Occasionally, customers prefer to source their own siding for the shed. If this option interests you, bring this up to a Summerwood representative when you place your order. Contact our team of professionals for more details. 


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