No one ever complains about having too much storage space. In contrast, most homeowners don’t have enough space to store their stuff in the house.A backyard shed can help with alleviating space, helping to free up space in your basement, garage or attic. Need a storage shed that will fit right into your backyard design? One that looks great, will last forever and won’t hurt your wallet?

Well, you can lean-on Summerwood! We’re big on creating a shed that is practical, looks great, and fits right in. That is why we have created a durable, spacious and customizable shed that is the perfect storage option for any backyard.

Sarawak Backyard Shed - Summerwood Products

Often, customers aren’t doing a huge backyard makeover, but they find that over time they just need more usable storage space. That’s why we created our Sarawak storage shed. Our Sarawak building is one of our most popular styles for the customer that’s looking to tuck away some great storage.

Our Sarawak storage shed can serve many purposes—storage, workshop, home office, or playroom. If the initial financial investment is the only thing keeping you from creating a stand-alone hobby space of your own, you’ve come to the right place. The shining feature of this building is in its leaning quality, that’s why we call it our lean-to shed. The Sarawak will fit right in and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Sarawak Garden Shed - Summerwood Products

Sarawak Garden Shed Backyard - Summerwood Products

Large or small, our customers love their Sarawak!

Features of the Sarawak Shed:

– like all Summerwood buildings, the Sarawak storage shed can be customized to be any size you like!
– choose from over 50 doors and window styles, let in some light, hide the storage.
– perfectly at home beside your house or fence, creating the lean-to affect.
– 3.5” overhang, and the 2/12 roof pitch encourages rain and snow to slide off right off!

Sarawak Garden Shed - Summerwood Products

Sarawak Toronto - Summerwood Products

3' x 6' Sarawak backyard shed - Summerwood Products

Large Sarawak Backyard Shed - Summerwood Products

Cedar Sarawak Garden Shed Toronto - Summerwood Products

Sarawak Concealed Doors Backyard - Summerwood Products

Sarawak in Winter - Summerwood Products

Want to see the Sarawak come to life? Take our 3D Tour!

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