Remote work is becoming more and more popular with each passing year, meaning more and more professions don.t need workers to be at the office to perform their duties. With the rise of working from home, so does the need to have a personal, comfortable, and efficient space to focus and feel productive. With a home office shed that you can place in your garden, backyard, beside your home, or anywhere else outside, it becomes a lot easier to get some peace and quiet while you work.  Looking like tiny little homes, garden office pods or outdoor office spaces are self-sufficient productive spaces, where you can not only make a living but also create, think, and ponder. Here are some helpful tips for creating a charming and practical workspace within our sheds.


Be creative with your space
Large Urban Home Studios | Interior Wall - Summerwood Products

 Don’t be afraid to steal decor from around your home and place it in your home office. Feel free to mix up some of your vintage items from your rooms with some modern office elements to make it feel a lot more like home and less of a showroom. 

Clean regularly

Don’t let a poorly maintained office space cause you to lose a client. Maintaining a clean office space might seem like an obvious thing to do, but it is important to keep it clean. A clean office is a direct representation of who you are as an individual, especially if you do plan on having clients or colleagues over, as it helps to create an inviting space. You are also ensuring that a good first impression will be made on prospective clients. If you do plan on setting up an outdoor office space, it is important to vacuum the floors daily, as well as empty the trash and recycling.

Notice board
Notice Board - Summerwood Products

Some office accessories are just so simple, basic, and easy, it features everything you have to do right at eye level. Let this board carry some of your organization, so you can put notes up, reminders, and some family photos. This is also perfect for clearing the clutter of your area, as an organized work area is perfect for enhancing clarity and focus.

Give yourself a view
Urban Studio Shed - Summerwood Products

Position your office chair and desk where you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall for when you look up from your desk or computer (insert custom design centre link here). A Window’s natural light is ideal, but if you’re in a windowless space, hand up a picture or piece of artwork above your desk or chair. Our Custom Design Centre allows you to build your own outdoor office space to fit your needs. 

Allow light
Home Office Design Tips | Allowing Light | Summerwood Products

Research has shown that the presence of natural light in professional spaces has an overwhelming positive impact on employee productivity and morale. Natural light also helps with making a space look bigger than it is- perfect for small spaces. Allowing light into your home office will also help with making sure not to strain your eyes and help with reducing headaches from glaring at your computer monitor. 

Paint the walls a colour you love

Home Office Interior - Summerwood Products

Is your home office painted in a bland beige? Maybe just a mixture of black and white? If these are colour schemes that work for you, great. If you dread sitting down at your home office everyday try adding some more colour – maybe lots of it. It is important to make sure your home office space is a place you can’t wait to visit.

Hide cords
Hiding Cords - Home Office Design Tips for Summerwood Products

Technology is essential in the office, while there is only so much you can do to help beautify your computer, monitor, printer, and phone, you can hide some of their cords. You should start by making sure that your equipment is close to the outlet and easy to unplug it. One suggestion would be to hide the wires behind your furnishings. By hiding your cords it will make your office look clean and organized.

Go paperless
Paperless Products to help with reducing waste and mess

As the world has made a huge shift towards digital, so should your files. Paper filing systems tend to take up a decent amount of space, as well as become cluttered and hard to search through. Cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or an external hard drive are the perfect solutions to keep all of your files digital and available anywhere you have an internet connection, plus they make them easily searchable as well.  

Choose homey accessories
Homey Accessories for Summerwood Products Prefab Sheds

If you want your home office to feel a bit more comfortable, you can always add a few more homey accessories to it. As much as it is important to focus within your home office, it is also important to create a space in which you’ll be happy to spend your work hours in.    

Inspire yourself

Painting Interior Summerwood Products

It is important to remind yourself of your mission by placing some visual encouragement around you. Set up a small or min shrine, piece of art or a cherished item – that motivates you to work or create while you are in your home office space. Fill your office with art or personal items that will help to energize your space and make you feel motivated during your work. 

Home Office Studio Workshop - Summerwood Products
Here at Summerwood, we’ve noticed a growing demand for backyard offices and studios, and worked with hundreds of customers to help make their dream a viable reality. We support you in your goals to work from home – to be productive, be comfortable, and be happy while you work.

Spend time browsing through our home office studio styles and our photo galleries of customer favorites. We have a number of designs that other Summerwood customers have designed, or you can use our Custom Design Center to make the perfect office space for you. Don’t forget: all of our builds, including home studios, include easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, and assembly videos to help you through the process and we’re always here to answer any of your questions.

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