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When it comes to selecting construction and building materials for your own shed you’ll find that everyone, be it your neighbor, brother-in-law, or kooky uncle is an “expert” and will provide you with lots of different ideas. Rather than having to scour your local building supply store begging for some suggestions, we’re breaking-down our top two construction materials for building your own shed as part of our DIY series (check out our posts on Choosing the Ideal Garden Shed Location, Interior Design Features and Roof Choices as well!) At Summerwood Products, we have been using these materials for over 20 years. They’re tried, tested and professionally approved! Definitely our favourites.

Canadian Western Red Cedar

A wood of exceptional beauty, Canadian Western Red Cedar is noted for its rich grain, texture, and color. Typically you’ll want to look for interior growth select tight knot (STK) cedar or clear cedar, meaning the wood is fine grained and free of loose or open knots. This is a product carried by select lumber stores and has varying availability depending on your location.


Cedar Siding - Summerwood Products

Notable features of Western Red Cedar:

  • Natural oils that help resist decay, moisture and insect attacks
  • Vibrant cedar fragrance
  • Light in weight but exceptionally stable
  • Cuts cleanly and easily
  • Lies flat and stays straight
  • Ages gracefully to endure for years
  • Easily absorbs most stains

Cedar Siding - Summerwood Products

It looks great and it lasts for years if you treat it right. Using cedar as a siding allows your building to integrate beautifully into the natural landscape of your backyard. At Summerwood we recommend that cedar siding be stained to keep it looking like new, year after year. Stain gives your shed a finished look and also ensures that the beauty is protected while the elements are left out!

Canexel Maintenance-Free Siding

CanExel Siding - Summerwood Products

For those of you who aren’t interested in any staining or maintenance, we’ve got the perfect option for you. Canexel is a pre-treated, factory-made wood fiber siding that comes in 21 beautiful colors. Suitable for any structure or style, it is tough and durable, but is also popular because of its maintenance-free qualities. Canexel blends the look and texture of wood with the allure of not having to do any painting or staining. Just pick a color, install, and enjoy! The wood grain appears natural and no two boards are the same, so your building will never look plastic or phony. A painted-wood look without the work, you really can have the best of both worlds!

If you’re not sure which siding is best for you, don’t forget to factor local climate conditions into the choice that you make. The design experts at Summerwood are also here to help! If you’re not feeling up to building a shed from scratch, check out some of the great DIY building kits made by Summerwood Products and customize your building with Cedar or Canexel siding right now!

If you’re looking to upgrade your building with insulation or a moisture barrier, check out our Siding Information page for more info on our Enhanced Siding Package.

Happy Building!

By Published On: May 16th, 2016Categories: Customer Diaries

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