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An overarching theme for your outdoor buildings has the power to really tie your landscape design together. You can use the theme to transform the interior and exterior of your outbuildings into a unique custom structure perfectly fit for your personality and interests. From that point, just smartly utilize a few key landscape elements to apply the final touches to your personalized design. Here are 11 interesting theme ideas for you to consider.

Star Field

Make your landscape design look like an extension of the gorgeous night sky with a star field theme. Work with a palette of deep purples and blues, dotted with white starbursts, to recreate the space scene of your dreams.

Mystic Retreat

Rich earth-toned colors integrated with crystals, wind chimes and otherworldly creatures quickly transforms your outbuildings and garden into a mystic retreat. Use silky scarf accents and rich fragrant flowers, such as patchouli and lavender, to take this calming theme to the next level.

Rustic Sanctuary

Harness the colors and textures of rusted metal, reclaimed wood and dried grasses to make your landscape design exude rustic charm. Heavily rely on found materials and hearty plants while creating rustic accent spaces around your outdoor buildings.

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Castle Grounds

The commanding atmosphere of castle grounds is captured using regal purple and rich green tones. Try to work stone blocks, hedges and spires into your overall design to recreate this iconic look.

Western Saloon

The western saloon made great use of reds, yellows and oranges across all saturation levels. Wagon wheels, hitching racks and horse sculptures make great accent pieces for this throwback theme.

Coastal Resort

Blues, greens and yellows encapsulate the beauty of the coastal region without overpowering inland features. To recreate the coastal resort theme, include nautical décor, such as lighthouses, life preservers and starfish.

English Cottage

The English cottage often features brown, white and green tones throughout its design. Bird baths, planter boxes and wildlife sculptures give the cottage theme a ton of cute character and charm.

Woodland Refuge

The woodland refuge hides within the forest thickets, so you should use ample brown and green tones on your build. A handmade fire pit, log furniture and stone walkways will bring this theme to life.

Tea Garden

The traditional tea garden appears as rolling hills full of highly fragrant edible plants, so focus on the green spectrum while customizing your outbuildings. Add small koi ponds, woven basket planters and an elegant seating area nearby to complete this invigorating theme.

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Vintage Getaway

Shabby chic never fails to impress with its teal, pink and white color scheme. Apply a distressed finish to wood benches and chairs to create inviting seating areas. Create an eccentric garden using distressed bedframes, dressers and cabinets in unique ways.

Fairy Tale

Bright pink, blue, yellow and green work well together when creating instantly recognizable fairy tale landscapes. Waterfalls, topiaries and oversized mushroom sculptures are the perfect elements for this magical theme. Replace your gate with an arched door to ensure you can waltz into you fairy tale wonderland in style.

Completing Your Vision

As you sketch out your outbuilding layout, you may notice that you need to add a small shed, pool house or other outdoor building to your design. To find and acquire the perfect structure, browse through the pre-fabricated buildings created by Summerwood.

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