French Doors - Santa Cruz Pool Houses - Summerwood ProductsIf you are tired of just throwing your garden tools and equipment haphazardly in the shed, you may be ready for a fully customized structure instead. A purpose built shed allows you to use the structure as you see fit, not conform your actions around the existing design. You can ensure that every tool has its place and all of your other supplies remain organized within your shed space. The customization options also increase the aesthetics of the shed to create a structure you truly enjoy having in your yard.

French Doors

At first glance, French doors might seem too stylish to add to your garden shed. These doors offer an immense amount of functionality, however, due to their dual frame configuration. Both doors can open outward at the same time to accommodate wide equipment, like lawnmowers and generators. To make the most of this excellent design feature, you should carefully consider the placement of the shed before customizing your order. You will need to make sure to place the doors on a side that will have the most room for maneuvering your tools and equipment in and out of the shed. Consider building an extra wide path right up to the French doors to make this process even more convenient.


windows-interioYou can select from fixed and opening windows in a wide range of shapes and sizes. In the fixed category, there are square windows with multiple panes, rectangular bar windows and fan arch configurations. Single and double casement windows are the basic opening varieties available. You can combine the window options to create an interesting layout for your shed. Include the octagonal pivot window or the quarter rounds in your design for a unique structural layout. Since you can alter the placement of the windows, make sure to consider the location of the structure to situate the windows in a way that makes sense for your needs. Remember that the windows allow sunlight to stream into the shed, which can have a positive or negative impact on temperatures.

Partition Walls

Double and single sided partition walls allow you to alter the layout inside your shed. You can use the walls to block off a window filled area to use for your seed starting activities or indoor only plants. You may want to use the partitions to create several rooms in your shed for each set of tools you own. You can place your gardening equipment in one room, while storing your tools for equipment repairs in another. Furthermore, the partitions allow you to have more wall space for shelves, hooks and other storage accessories. You can alter the placement of the partitions as you gain or lose gardening equipment or tools.

Hooks & Shelves

Interior - Garden Shed - Summerwood ProductsNearly every medium or small item in your shed can be placed on a shelf or suspended by a hook. By storing the bulk of your items around the perimeter of your shed, you can maximize the amount of floor space you have for heavy equipment and walking room. There are many hook and shelf options to choose from and many can be replaced with a different model as your activities and needs change throughout life. You will need to count your items to ensure you create a layout that will hold the majority of your items off the ground. If needed, you can alter the hook and shelf layout anytime as you make changes to your tool and equipment inventory.

Summerwood has a multitude of pre-fab shed designs you can choose from on your journey toward perfecting your home and yard. You can even fully customize your shed to suit your personal design preferences. By changing the structure size and layout, or altering the location of doors and windows, you can ensure the shed meets your expectations in every way. You can use the custom design center to select the customization options or contact an associate at Summerwood for assistance.

By Published On: April 28th, 2016Categories: Design

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