A gazebo is a structure that can elevate your backyard backyard design. Moreover, the gazebo can be used for a multitude of activities, making it aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. 

Let’s look at what is a gazebo and the various gazebo styles. We have also curated a list of summerwood gazebos for each gazebo style category, for your convenience. At Summerwood, you will find the most elegant gazebo kits Canada has to offer. 


What is a Gazebo

A gazebo is a freestanding, open garden structure with a roof that is sometimes hexagonal or octagonal in shape. The majority of gazebos are made of wood (such as a cedar gazebo) or metal, and have built-in seating inside the shaded area. Latticework or outdoor curtains or drapes are sometimes used to add a sense of enclosure and privacy. A gazebo in a garden setting can serve as a focal point (something to be seen and appreciated) or it can be located on a property (such as a hill) that offers views while providing shade from the sun.

A gazebo may also be known as an Alhambra, belvedere, kiosk, pagoda, pavilion, pergola, rotunda, shed, summerhouse, or tea house, depending on the region or culture.

Adding a gazebo to your outdoor space should be considered carefully. For harmony and continuity, try to build your own gazebo that incorporates architectural elements or features from your home into any garden structure.

Some design considerations to keep in mind while you build your own gazebo:

  • Scale and proportions: Pick a size and shape for the structure that compliments your yard. Also, make sure the size isn’t too big or small for the location.
  • Style: To maintain continuity and flow in the structural designs on your property, make sure that the secondary structures blend or go well with the primary house structure.
  • Materials: Maintaining continuity in materials like stone, wood, or iron between your house and secondary structures may go well too. 
  • Location: The gazebo could be the destination or a spot to sit and enjoy a beautiful view. 

Now that we’ve looked at what a gazebo is, let’s look at the various gazebo styles available. To make things easy for you we have added gazebos from summerwood for each style. 


The Classic Gazebo Look 

The classic look is the best minimalistic structure for your backyard, that can offer a ton of practical uses. The classic look comes typically with four pillars with a turret-shaped or octagonal-shaped roof. The classic look is not enclosed, however, it is a great spot for shade where you and your family can enjoy some quality outdoor time. Moreover, since classic styled gazebos are not enclosed, you can also use this as a spot overlooking any scenery.


Classic Gazebos from Summerwood 

Following is a list of gazebos from summerwood with the classic look:


Victorian style gazebo

The name perfectly describes what you get with Victorian garden gazebos. This wedding gazebo is reminiscent of graceful living from another era, with loving attention to ornate detail, a beautiful presence in any setting, and overall grandeur. It’s no surprise that the Victorian is our customers’ favourite gazebo design, as it’s ideal for an outdoor wedding or as a garden gazebo.



Monterery style gazebo

The romance and splendor of old Mexico come to mind each time you set foot in your Monterey gazebo. Its gently curved roof and cupola are subtle style elements of the Monterey, never dominating the landscape, simply enhancing it. This romantic-styled gazebo kit complements your surroundings and ages well. The perfect spot to enjoy a family meal, or a good book on a lazy afternoon, the Monterey is a shade lover’s gazebo.



Carlisle style gazebo

The Carlisle gazebo design is reminiscent of a charming merry-go-round, taking design cues from its namesake in Northwestern England. Its lightheartedness is reflective of a fairy tale, as evidenced by the traditionally turned spindle railings and whimsical gingerbread corner braces. It’s no surprise that our customers say this octagonal gazebo design is ideal for an outdoor fair.


Tattle Creek

Tattle creek gazebo styles

This cedar gazebo kit exists to be noticed, which the Tattle Creek design confidently achieves. Its sweeping roofline gives your property a European flair and magnificence that will still take your breath away in 10 years. This backyard gazebo design is both harmonious and playful, thanks to its elegant cedar rail panels and gently curved spandrel.


The Enclosed Gazebo Look 

The enclosed gazebos give you a level of privacy while you enjoy some quality outdoor activities. These designs are perfect for an outdoor spa day, where you can set up a massage table and enjoy a lovely relaxed experience. You can also hide your hot tub inside an enclosed gazebo, giving you privacy while you use your hot tub. You can also use the private outdoor space for yoga or an intimate family dinner. 


Enclosed Gazebos from Summerwood

Following is a list of gazebos from summerwood with the enclosed look:



The Champlain is essentially our San Cristobal gazebo style with one end extended, creating a very unique hybrid of a gazebo and a studio. Enjoy the warm weather reading a book or throwing a party with your Champlain gazebo style as the focal point.


San Cristobal

scenic viewing area

The grand dame of Summerwood’s year-round gazebo kits has arrived. This gazebo kit is generously spacious and elegantly appointed, with beautiful wide French doors and a magnificent wall of windows. Even if your home is completely enclosed, you can enjoy the great outdoors all year. Its solid cedar gazebo construction provides a warmth that delights the senses while lowering blood pressure, making it popular as a hot tub enclosure or patio gazebo. Ideal for a peaceful backyard retreat or a family gathering place.



Coventry Gazebo styles

Our new 10 x 10 Coventry square gazebo designs offer a joyous blend of craftsmanship in the rich English Garden gazebo tradition for the discerning homeowner. The kit’s design includes stunning leaded glass French doors and tilted windows, an optional cedar-shingled roof, elegantly cambered eaves, traditional brass hardware, and exquisite trim and detail throughout. A lovely summer garden or patio centerpiece.


Bali Tea House

gazebo styles

Our Teahouse gazebo design is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and is brilliant in its simplicity. The idea isn’t so much about what to include as it is about what to leave out. The intention is to blur the lines between man-made and nature by using natural materials and a carefully planned layout.


The Pavilion Look

The Pavilion look is the ideal addition to your outdoor space, and it will undoubtedly become the focal point of your modern backyard oasis. The Pavilion comes in different roof styles such as a flat roof with an increased overhang that creates a beautiful, functional canopy so that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy your backyard all year long, with a clean, simple design that complements any architectural style.


Pavilion Styles from Summerwood

Following is a list of gazebos from summerwood with the Pavilion look:


Urban pavilion

urban pavilion

The Urban Pavilion’s modern flat roof and increased overhang provide the ideal setting for year-round fun, from relaxing by the pool to outdoor dining and entertaining. That means you can enjoy your backyard space come rain or shine!




The Bellevue is truly breathtaking. With its light and airy two-tiered roof, this design elevates any setting. The Bellevue will quickly become one of your favourite places for quiet contemplation and conversation with loved ones, whether it overlooks a lakefront or a meticulously landscaped backyard. 



gazebo styles

The Eden, ideal as a pavilion or spa enclosure, will transform your backyard into a paradise. The wall panel configuration is completely customizable: mix and match solid walls, slatted walls, and full openings to find your ideal combination.



Montpelliar gazebo

The Montpellier open-air gazebo kit, inspired by hot afternoons in Vermont’s capital city, provides shade from the sun while allowing in a cooling breeze. It’s a spacious and elegant spot to while away the hours, sipping wine or dozing with a book in your lap. Its square roof is a stylish design that is uncommon in garden or patio gazebos, but it is refreshingly welcoming. This outstanding design is topped off by a gleaming copper cupola.


Looking for a Custom Gazebo Instead? 

While we have the best range of gazebo kits Canada has to offer, we can also help bring your exact vision to life in the form of a custom gazebo. If you cannot find your ideal structure on our website, our expert design team will help you create your very own custom gazebo. Whether you’ve sketched something on a napkin or drawn inspiration from a variety of sources, this is what we do, so it’s simple for us to create something unique and personalized just for you.


Work with our team of professionals to help you create your perfect gazebo this summer. Contact us to start the process today

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